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Literature Selection


  • "New onco-plastic surgery technique for early breast cancer", Domenico Gerbasi, Unità di Senologia, Ospedale Bolognini, Seriate, Italy
    ""Recent advances of oncoplastic techniques in breast surgery have allowed to achieve maximum oncological radicality, together with minor cosmetic alteration possible. This has resulted in an important advantage for the patients subjected to conservative surgery for breast cancer, as proven by many scientific studies that have highlighted in these cases a minor psychological impactl overall. The surgical technique proposed demonstrates that, according to the conventional protocols of breast conserving therapy for cancer, it is possible to perform a complete excision of the tumor, with an "extra-mammary" surgical approach trough an incision made immediately below the inframammary fold, with a scar completely invisible on standing by natural ptosis of the breast. This technique is indicated for cases of early breast cancer, regardless of the location of the tumor, as long as there is no involvement of the overlying skin. Additional research needs to be conducted to evaluate long term results and effectiveness of the proposed technique in relation to a large number of cases"
    (Comment on: 
    Gerbasi D et al.: "Inframammary fold approach in breast conserving surgery for cancer", Updates Surg. 2011 Dec;63(4):283-6)


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